No child is allowed into camp without a recent medical form on file, every summer. Parents should bring medicine in a clear zippered bag with their camper's name and the completed Medication Permission Form authorizing our staff to administer the medication, it is an online form you will login to your account to complete. You must drop medicines off at the nurse’s office in the Lynn Residence Center, room 113.

Despite our best efforts, some children will get sick and occasionally accidents will happen. Make sure we have detailed health and welfare instructions so, if this happens, we may give your child proper attention. These directions should include warnings of sensitivity to certain medications and severe allergies—which should also be noted prominently on camper’s medical form.

  • If your child appears sick, please keep him or her at home. He or she may be contagious.
  • Notify the camp immediately if your child has a contagious disease. Other campers may need to be inoculated.
  • Notify the camp if you will be out of town for several days, since your absence may cause unusual behavior in your child. Also, it is important for us to know who is responsible while you are away.
  • If you want to excuse your child from participating in an event, we will need a written note.

Kampus Kampers additional health policy

Have your dentist examine your child’s teeth before camp and check orthodontic appliances. Request a letter from the orthodontist if special instructions are necessary.

If your child wears contacts or glasses, please provide an extra pair, along with contact lens solution.