Camp director

Diane DiCerbo

  • 26 years camp experience
  • Certified ACA camp director
  • Directors credentials - DCF
  • B.A. in Education, University of Florida
  • M.Ed. in Counseling, Florida Atlantic University


Each camp division is supervised by a coordinator. Coordinators are professionals who have extensive experience working with children and supervising young adults, either in the school system or camping industry. On average our coordinators have worked with Pine Tree Camps for 10 years.

Day counselors

Each group is led by two to three counselors, who are seasoned, caring individuals acting as mentors and role models to the campers. Counselors are at least entering their senior year in high school and have experience in caring for children. Many of our counselors are university students and certified teachers. Through our counselor apprentice program we have limited opportunities for 15- and 16-year-old counselors who received the highest evaluations. The week before camp starts is dedicated to on-site staff training.

Specialty counselors who instruct areas such as dance, arts and crafts, cheerleading, nature and video production have experience in that area either as a teacher, instructor or previous camp experience.

Overnight counselors

Each bunk is assigned a responsible camp counselor who stays in the room with the campers overnight. Counselors must be at least 19 years old, completed one year of college and have experience caring for children. Most room counselors are over 21 years old. The week before camp starts is dedicated to on-site staff training.